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Here is what is going on lately in my life right now


Let me get you up to speed with what’s been going on with me recently. I have quite a bit I want to talk about so sit back and relax why don’t you.

So I am back at University now for my second semester and my modules definitely seem more interesting this time around. I am doing TV, Magazine, Online and Photojournalism. As of now, I am really enjoying these modules. They seem to be more practical rather than just sitting in a classroom reading slides on the projector, which ain’t so bad, but it does become a bit monotonous after a while.

I have already begun my project ideas for my modules. I am particularly enjoying my magazine project and have made a good start on it. I am creating a climbing magazine using my own images that I plan to take soon in the Peak District. I will also be writing up an interview I had with a guy who co-owns The Climbing Works in Sheffield that is going to be the Chief routesetter for bouldering at the Tokyo Olympics this year. I am really excited to see where this project goes and how it will turn out and I will be sure to post the final piece on here when its done.

So I began my therapy sessions today and it was quite overwhelming for me. Obviously talking for a long time, bringing up all sorts of memories and emotions can be quite exhausting, but I believe progress was made in figuring out what is causing my anxiety. Just so you are aware, I have now been diagnosed with generalised anxiety and social anxiety. I will, of course keep you all up to date on my progress so you are not out of the loop. The first step is always the hardest. However, I have now made that effort to get the help I need and I will continue to receive medical assistance and get back to myself again in time.

In more exciting news, I have an interview with Exposed magazine to be a video game journalist for them! I am pretty pumped about it, and even if I don’t get to be a part of their team, I took a leap of faith and got some positive feedback from them. How this happened is kinda interesting. So I failed my Law and Regulation exam yesterday which made me feel pretty down about myself. Failure can make you feel that way, there is no denying it. However, I do get to take it again which is good news and this time I will pass it and study harder for it. Anyway, getting a little off-topic there, because I was feeling down about myself failing the exam, I decided to see what kind of journalist jobs were out there. I found quite a few I could definitely do, and it made me think of different newspapers and magazines that were based in Sheffield, and Exposed came to mind. I follow them on social media so I am aware of who they are and what they write about. I decided to check out their website and read a few articles and quickly noticed they had a gaming page on their site. I gave it a look and seemed as though they don’t post a lot on it as the articles seem too far in between. So I thought to myself, ‘maybe I could do this instead.’ I took a deep breath and gave them a call. I told them that I wasn’t looking for a job, but merely asking how would I go about becoming a video game journalist. It started off pretty well and Joe seemed very interested in talking with me about the whole thing. He asked me to send over some of my work on my blog so that he could give them a look over, so I did. I heard back from Joe this morning and he thought my blogs were great and wanted to chat more about potentially becoming their video game journalist. I am pretty excited for it on Monday, but I am not getting my hopes up so that way I won’t be disappointed, however I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about it. Fingers are crossed.

Last thing to talk about it is that Isabel and I are moving home in April and will be living back by ourselves again with Aloy of course and we are really excited about it. It is a lovely apartment with plenty of space for our stuff and for Aloy to run around and play.

As of now, things are going steady which I am glad about. Isabel is happy and Aloy is happy. I am happy that my family is doing well and I look forward to what kind of future awaits us in our new home.

Until next time,

Wild Link

To end things off on this blog, have a picture of my beautiful future wife, Isabel.


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