A Fantastic 30th Birthday For Me

A birthday to remember

As I get older, I have felt like birthdays don’t really excite as much anymore. That is not to say I don’t enjoy them because I do! I just don’t tend to celebrate them as much and it is hard to explain why. However, my 30th birthday is classed as a milestone so it is a big deal and I wanted to celebrate this one as I saw myself becoming a proper adult. I am no longer in my twenties and I believe them to be the young adult years. From this point on, I see myself as a fully fledged adult and I am ready to see what life has in store for me now.

So I want to talk about how awesome my birthday was, although my birthday day wasn’t great,

If I am being honest, the day after was a lot more fun. I had planned to go out for a few drinks with work colleagues in the evening on my birthday to celebrate it and getting through some tough weeks at work. However it didn’t happen due to unforeseen circumstances so I headed home feeling pretty sorry for myself, but my roommates decided to take me out instead which cheered me up. We went to a tipi bar named Thor’s which comes around once a year at Christmas time.

Thor’s Tipi bar > https://www.thorstipi.com/gallery/

It is a very cosy place, with an actual firepit in the middle of the tent that you can sit round. They serve mulled wine and other hot drinks as well as alcoholic beverages too. It is also the place where I told Isabel I loved her for the first time so this place is something special to me. Isabel and our good friend Lauren joined us too after they had finished work and we all had a good time drinking and chatting away. Izzy and I also used the photobooth that was in there and got these!

Photos to remember

The next day was what I was excited for the most because my parents and a few of my sisters were coming over to visit from Manchester and I hadn’t seen them in a quite a while. They booked us all in for lunch at Ask Italian which is one of my favourite restaurants in Sheffield as the food is great and the customer service is fantastic too. We all had a wonderful time, I opened a bunch of presents that they all got me, which I did not expect. It really felt like my birthday. I’ll post the pictures of what I got shortly for you all to see!

We all had some great laughs, shared some memories and made some new ones. I do wish other members of my family could have joined us in the celebrations but they were with us in thought.

So… presents! I got some amazing gifts from everyone and I love every single thing I got.


You may have already seen in my earlier blog that I got this early birthday present from Isabel. A gorgeous Link statue from my favourite game: The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch. It is awesome and I love it.


I got 2 POP vinyls, Vegeta on the Left from Dragonball Z which was from Jessica and Rebecca. I also got Maya from Borderlands 3 which was from Isabel. These are both awesome and great additions to my collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got this really nice Pokemon themed desk calendar from Jessica and Rebecca which will be great for University and my Journalism adventures. Very cool!

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I finally got the whole set of the Dark Horse Zelda collection as I was gifted The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia from Jessica and Rebecca too! It is absolutely gorgeous and full of information on the Zelda franchise. I cannot wait to read through it all!


I got 2 beautiful Nintendo Switch controllers that I have been wanting too! The one on the left was gifted to me from parents which is Zelda themed and wireless. The right one is Link themed and wired and gifted to me from Jessica and Rebecca. Both are gorgeous and play very well with my Switch games and I can’t wait to use them more!


My Nana got me this awesome Zelda shirt which I love and have been wanting for a while now, so I am very thankful she got it for me! I struggled to get a decent photo of the shirt so I took this one off the Amazon website to show it better.


My future in-laws got me some very comfy Zelda themed pajamas which are great to wear. I haven’t bought pajamas in a long time so these are awesome to have! Again, I couldn’t get a decent photo of the pajamas so I took the image off Amazon to show it off.


Now my sister, Philippa, couldn’t join us for my 30th birthday as she is currently across the globe saving our home, Earth, one tree at a time. If you want read more on what she is doing then please go check her personal blog out too! >>> https://caribbeanchronicles.home.blog/

Even though Philippa is hundreds of miles away right now, she still had the time to get me some amazing gifts for my birthday. First off, this beautiful little Succulent who I have named Oddish after the Pokemon. Google Oddish and you will see what I mean. I love this little thing and will look after it for as long as possible. Just have to make sure the cats don’t eat it.


Philippa also got me this really awesome shirt that has Ash and Pikachu on it that is based on Pokemon Yellow on the original Gameboy back in 1998. I remember getting that game from my Godmother, Auntie Phyllis and I couldn’t put it down, I still have it to this day too, Including my Pokemon Red!


See! Even though they are a bit battered, they still work to this day! Never getting rid of them.


Speaking more of Pokemon, Philippa got me these cute little stickers for my Nintendo Switch which look great on it! They go perfectly with my Pokeball thumbsticks which you will see in the next image.


One of my favourite childhood games was Spyro the Dragon and I finally have the remastered version of all 3 original games on my Nintendo Switch which was gifted to me from Philippa and it is brilliant. I can play it wherever I go now!


Philippa also got me an assortment of Vegan sweets, including fudge! Love these things!


So far, this is everything I received and I love everything I got! I have been told there is another present coming from an unknown someone (I am not allowed to know yet), but I look forward to seeing what I get!

To my American family (Parents and other sisters), thank you so much for the awesome cards and money! I have put that towards an awesome pair of new Timberland shoes which I am sure will last a very long time. Also Thank you to my other Nana and Grandma (I have 3 Nana’s) for the awesome cards and money too which has been put towards the Timberland shoes!

At the end of the day, my family came back to my place for a quick coffee and gave me the most amazing cake I have received. Just look and behold.

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I love this, seriously. My Mum and sister, Jessica, made this for me. When I saw it, I got emotional because I know they put a lot of work in to it. I know they think it isn’t perfect, but to me, it is perfect, because it was made by them. If you are unsure what it is supposed to be, It is from Links Awakening where Link washes up on the island Of Koholint and has the giant egg on top of the mountain. Don’t worry, Link isn’t dead, just unconscious hahah. Not only does it look brilliant, it tastes even better so thank you for this Mum and Jessica. It means the world to me.

It was truly a fantastic birthday. Even though my mental health hasn’t been the best recently, it has been easy to feel alone and unwanted, but after this, I feel myself again: happy, motivated and loved by my family and friends. Thank you everyone for a perfect 30th birthday. I love you all.

Wild Link

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