An Awesome Birthday Present


A fantastic replica of Link from Breath of the Wild


Link is my favourite character. He is agile, fast, strong and can eat a ton of food and still have room for more, he has got it all. Link is likely the most iconic video game character (I am probably wrong) and people love him. I realise he is just a character in a popular video game series, but I kinda look up to him. He inspires me to be kind to others, help those that need helping, and to stay strong in desperate times. He is truly one of a kind which is why I love playing the Zelda games as I get to experience what it is like to be him and save the kingdom of Hyrule from evil and rescue princess Zelda.

So I have had this Link figure on my Amazon wish-list for a good while and I have never really had the chance to buy it as it is quite expensive, but I have wanted it for so long and now I finally own it! Thanks to my lovely fiancee, Isabel gave me an early birthday present (birthday is on the 28th November) which was this incredible Link statue from ‘First 4 Figures’.


The detail on Link is insane, so much so that it actually looks like Link is jumping, ready to take the shot on one of the many dangerous enemies in Breath of the Wild. Donning his legendary blue tunic, wielding his traveler’s bow and ancient arrow, Link looks ready for an epic battle. His pose is dynamic and captures him perfectly. The paintwork is spot-on, it’s lightweight and comes packaged in a beautiful box. I absolutely love it. I took some pictures to show it off so I hope you like them and hope you enjoyed this brief blog!




A size comparison with the Link Archer Amiibo



Wild Link


Photos taken by me on my Nikon D750 using an 85mm lens

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