Why I Want To Become A Writer


A new passion for me

Kids don’t like a lot of things. When I was a wee sprite, one thing I disliked was writing. Now back then, we didn’t have fancy laptops and digital notepads in our pockets. All we had were primitive computers and the old-school pen and paper. I never enjoyed writing, I thought to myself, ‘what was the point? this will never be important for me in the future’. Boy was I ever wrong.

It’s not that I didn’t write at all during my school years. Of course we had to for coursework and written exams but I do recall hating it. I felt I was never good enough for it. Making sense with my sentences and putting big words together was a real struggle for me. I do still struggle now but it’s a work in progress and I feel like I am improving slowly.

This was one of many reasons why I stuck with photography in College and University: the less writing I had to do, the better. It was a lot easier to express myself through photography as I felt like I couldn’t do it through writing. However over the last 2 years, since I met Isabel actually, I noticed that I started to take more of an interest in reading. I am unsure what triggered it but it is becoming an ever growing passion of mine day after day. I eventually wanted to try writing for myself. I started to take notes as I am the sort of person that forgets things every 10 minutes. I started to enjoy it. The more I wrote down, the more enthusiastic I became to write in my journal. I started to think about what I could write, maybe a story, maybe my love for photography and video games perhaps, or just something completely random that would only make sense to me. Either way, I had found something new to enjoy that I wanted to see where I could go with it.

After I finished my degree in Photography back in 2014, I began to think where I could go next. The world was my oyster as they say, but I was never one for bold moves. However, I did work at Camp America in the summer of 2015 as a photographer in North Carolina, but I’ll save that for another blog in the future. I didn’t know where to go or what to do, but I had this Photography degree and I wanted to do something with it. Eventually I realised that the job market for a photographer is dire and even more talented photographers than me are finding it difficult to find jobs in the field. I lost hope, even though I did the few odd photography jobs here and there, there was nothing permanent for me, so I gave up. However, my passion for photography is still there. It might not be as strong but it will remain a hobby for now whilst I figure out where my writing can take me. Maybe I could become a Photojournalist in the future, combine the two together, that would be something.

I wanted to start writing more professionally, hence this website. I figured if I had my own blog site, then I would be more inclined to write, and it seems to be working. I want to keep writing about stuff from my past, my present and plans for my future. Photography and gaming are keeping me inspired to write more too. With video games being a huge passion of mine, I want to start writing more about them, preferably Nintendo games as they are my favourite. I sort of hope to one day be good enough to be a video game journalist, to write about gaming news and such as it is something I thoroughly enjoy. My writing skills will improve over time as long as I put the time and effort into it.

So why writing? The way I see it, it is a great way to express myself, share my opinions and ideas with the people of this world. It is a great way to express my feelings and thoughts, and it is a craft I want to hone for myself. I want to improve myself with this newly found passion of mine. I want my writing to make the reader want to read more and I want it to flow naturally. You know good writing when you read it, that’s how I want mine to be.


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  1. I never liked writing as a kid as I always thought my stories were terrible. I was much more mathematical back then. I had an interest in photography too but it’s not developed much as it’s so expensive to get all the kit. I’m much more into art now as it allows me to express my feelings for a certain place but writing is healing and exploring your mind, thoughts and emotions.

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