Plan of Action

What I plan to do for my University assessments


Today has been insightful and fun,

As I’m sat in a cafe, typing away whilst enjoying a cup of coffee, my thoughts are racing about ideas for my University assessments which are due soon. My classes today explained more about what makes a news story, how they are found by journalists, what is soft and hard news etc. It was interesting to say the least as I felt that I learnt a lot about the media world.

We looked at newspapers in groups and had to figure out why some articles were news worthy, who they appeal to and such. It has made me think a bit more about how I plan to tackle my assessments head on with confidence. Our first task is to go out and get a news story about anything we choose. As of now, I am still thinking of ideas, one of which I am quite confident about and will more than likely be what I go for. There is a relatively new gaming bar that opened up during the summer and I personally know the manager there. They posted on their social media recently about a charity event so I would be interested in getting to know more and write about it for my assessment. I think it would be an interesting article to write about as there are not many gaming bars in Sheffield. Gaming is very popular now so it would appeal to a lot of people, including students who have recently moved to the city and are wanting to explore the area more.

My other assessment is for Radio Journalism which I had a lesson in today. We were taught the basics on how to interview. Even though it was interesting, I am still uncomfortable with interviewing strangers as I imagine a lot of people are. We were all asked to grab one of the supplied microphones and go out in pairs to interview each other just to get used to it a little. I took a deep breath and went with it and I actually quite enjoyed it even though I was nervous the entire time. The girl next to me asked if she wanted to pair with me, I happily agreed so we both went to Tamper cafe, ordered a coffee and got the interview over and done with. We had a few laughs, got to know each other a little and got some good questions for our work. It was a fun warm up for interviewing people. I won’t be going up to a stranger and have them tell me something interesting that is going on in their lives, instead I’m thinking I will ask my roommate if he would be interested in being interviewed by me as he has recently started a company that helps people start their own business. I think it will be quite interesting to talk about as I am curious about the process of starting up a business.

Interviews over coffee with new friends

I don’t have any more lessons this week now so I will be using this time to prepare myself for my work assessments and put together a solid plan. Not tonight though because tonight I want to finish Astral Chain as I think I am nearing the end. I also want a little break from everything as it has been a bit full on. I will keep you updated on my work in the next couple of days!

On a side note, I know this blog hasn’t got any images so here’s a random photo of our cat Ziggy on the doughnut cushion at home!

A big yawn for the sleepy Ziggles

I hope you enjoyed reading and look forward to seeing you in the next blog!

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