My Prized Collectible Pokemon Card

Today I want to talk about my Ancient Mew Pokemon card and what it means to me.

Now you are probably thinking ‘why do you care about a Pokemon card, it has little to no value, you can get them on Ebay etc’, well I will tell you my friend and it starts back when I was 9 years old (20 years ago for me).

I remember when Pokemon cards were all the rage for kids and it still mostly is these days, although I do imagine more adults collect these cards more than kids now but that’s not a bad thing, Pokemon is still huge all around the world and it’s great to see! I love Pokemon, I find the games very entertaining and the cards these days look like works of art! When I was a kid though, Pokemon for me was everything, I wanted all the cards, the stickers, the books, the games, everything. I loved getting up in the morning, having a bowl of cereal and watching Pokemon on TV before I went to school and then talking about that Pokemon episode with my friends, trading cards and more, it was great back then and I do miss those days. I still remember seeing the trailer for the first Pokemon film that showed the all powerful Mewtwo and Mew in cinemas and I was so excited to see it, I then see a limited edition Ancient Mew Pokemon card on the screen but I had no idea how to get a hold of one, it looked so cool and I really wanted it.

My friends and I were mad for Pokemon cards and I remember when one of them came to me telling me of a corner shop that sold Pokemon cards about a 15 minute bike ride away from where we lived. I got some pocket money so I thought to go check it out with my friend. About 15-20 minutes later, we find the fabled corner shop, it didn’t look like much but I didn’t expect it to be filled with extravagant lights and the such, nevertheless I was excited to get some new cards. We walked in and were surprised by how much cool stuff there was around the place, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Digimon toys and a wide variety of Pokemon merchandise, it was like Toys R Us but condensed into a much smaller shop. We were ecstatic to look around even though the shopkeeper didn’t take his eyes off us, I didn’t blame him, the area we were in was known for shoplifting but we were just there to get us some Pokemon cards and be on our way.

We arrived at the Pokemon card section and grabbed a few booster packs and took them to the front of the shop and make our purchases and that’s when I saw it, that beautiful looking work of art was sitting inside a top loader encased in a glass cabinet behind the shopkeeper, the Ancient Mew Pokemon card I had seen on the television. I wanted that card so badly, it was so cool to look at and it was just a couple of feet away from where I was standing. I asked the shopkeeper if I could buy it but he said it was £20.

Now I don’t know about you but £20 for a kid back in the year 2000 was a lot of money, I struggled to get that kind of money from my parents as they were having difficulty with affording bills and such. I felt upset that I didn’t have enough for the card so I decided to not buy the booster packs and instead save up for the card, hoping that it would not sell in the meantime. I knew my birthday was coming up and I would get some birthday money so I waited till then just hoping that card wouldn’t sell.

When my 10th birthday finally came and went, I had enough to go get the Ancient Mew card, I grabbed my bike and rode as fast as I could to the shop. I went inside and saw it was still there for £20. I made the purchase and finally had my hands on the card that I wanted. Now I know you are probably thinking why didn’t I ask for it for my birthday? Well I wanted to get this myself by myself, I wanted to show my parents that I could afford something that I really wanted and I did! I took it home and I couldn’t stop looking at it, I showed my friends and they were all impressed and jealous that I owned this card, yes it doesn’t do anything for the trading card game but it’s because of its uniqueness that it was special to me.


Then it got stolen…

Yes, my favourite card that I owned got taken from me while I was outside trading cards with my friend, we were outside my parents garage sitting at a portable table and thought we would head inside for a quick drink. Not 2 minutes later, we come back and most of our cards had been taken from us. We were devastated. There was nothing we could do except move on and start again with our collection of cards but for me, I knew I would not see that Ancient Mew card again. Now I knew there were more Ancient Mew cards out there in the world but I struggled to save up money for it afterwards and even if I did have the money I couldn’t find one anywhere so I lost all hope of ever seeing that card again.

Fast forward 16 years later (26 years old) I had just finished work and decided to take a different route home as I was feeling adventurous so I walked through a market I hadn’t been to before, my parents have told me it contained some cool stalls which piqued my interest so I thought what the hell and went to check it out. My parents were right about there being some interesting stuff, some things collectors would do crazy things for I’m sure! As I kept walking I noticed a card stall that was filled with all sorts of Pokemon cards and other ones too. I felt my inner child get all excited when I saw them as I hadn’t bought any Pokemon cards in a very long time but I was finding it hard to resist buying some. I looked through these booklets that were just filled to the brim with cards, old and new! I could just feel this huge smile on my face as it was bringing back memories of my childhood. As I kept turning the pages, looking at these awesome works of art, I grabbed my wallet out and decided to buy a couple of packs for the fun of it but then my eyes caught a card I was not expecting to see. I was overcome with emotion as I saw the Ancient Mew card in the book. I instantly remembered the whole time I had that card and how happy it made me. I know it was most likely not my card from way back then but I didn’t really care but I wanted it. I asked to purchase the card and walked home with the biggest smile on my face, just like when I was 10 years old riding home with it to show all my friends. As soon as I got home, I put it straight into a sleeve and top loader to protect it. I was so happy to have it back in my hands and it’s a lovely collectible for myself.


To this day, it sits with my other collectibles on my shelf. Now that I think about it, it’s most likely what started my collection of random things. It means a lot to me as it reminds me of happy times when I was a kid and I never want to forget those memories of hanging out with friends and talking about something we were passionate about.


I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading about one of my prized collectibles! I hope to write about my passion for The Legend of Zelda very soon when I get more time so until then, take care and have a great day!


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