How I Met Isabel…

I have been in a relationship with Isabel for nearly 2 years now and things have been absolutely amazing. We have been getting on like butter and toast and every day I fall more deeply in love with her. She continues to surprise me with her unique personality and fiery passion and it inspires me to be better every time.


So this is how I met Izzy…

Back in September 2017, I had just ended my previous 3 year relationship with a girl named Laura as I no longer felt the spark but I wont go in to details. Laura moved out of the apartment and I was left alone. My anxiety was flaring wildly and I felt lost in the world, I had no passion for my job and really didn’t want to continue working there as I felt I was letting the team down so I handed in my resignation and quit. The next day after that I felt a huge relief lift off my shoulders as I knew I didn’t have to get ready for a job I wasn’t happy in but at the same time I as worrying about what to do next, How would I afford my rent and bills etc. I decided to ask my old boss at a retail shop called GAME to see if they were hiring and thankfully enough they took me on. I felt happiness wash over me knowing that I had a job at least for the time being and I did enjoy working at GAME so things weren’t too stressful.

With it being close to the Christmas period, GAME were hiring part time seasonal staff. At first I didn’t know who was taken on but I checked my Whatsapp messages to see who had been added to the work group chat, and then I saw Isabel, a cute dark blonde haired girl with a beautiful smile. My heart jumped a bit when I saw her picture but then anxiety crept up on me and I started thinking that she had a partner and was in a happy relationship. Of course I wasn’t thinking that maybe something could happen with Isabel, I felt out of her league but anyway I decided to message her and say my hellos and if she needed any help then I would be happy to assist, she responded very happily and positive but was also nervous about starting a new job which I understood so I said when we have a shift together I would walk things through with her.


That shift came and we met face to face for the first time, both smiled and laughed about working at GAME, she was nervous I could tell but I told her to relax and just follow my lead on how everything goes here. Izzy finished her shift before me and as she was about to leave I asked if she could go get me a coffee as I really felt like I needed one. I gave her my card and wrote my pin down on a piece of paper, I felt like I could trust her, besides we working together and I didn’t think she would run off with my debit card.

About 10 minutes later, Isabel came back with a coffee and my card and explained that the pin to my card didn’t work and that she had bought me one instead. I checked the pin I wrote on the paper and realized I had written the last 4 digits of my card rather than the pin itself. Looking like a fool, I offered to buy Isabel a coffee the next day and get to know each other a bit, she agreed and we both smiled as she went home.

I wasn’t seeing this as some sort of date but I would be lying if I didn’t think I was excited about getting to know Isabel more. We met up at the coffee shop, ordered our drinks and got to talking about one another. I found out that she did have a boyfriend at the time but that he lived in America and that they had never met, I explained my opinion on it and that I personally didn’t see that as a relationship but as long as she was happy then it didn’t matter although she understood my opinion nonetheless. We had a great 2 hours chatting and getting to know each other and then went home, it was when I got home and was left with my thoughts that I realized I was attracted to her but of course she was with someone and I wasn’t about to try and break them up as that is not who I am.

A few days later I find out she had ended her relationship with her boyfriend in America as one of our colleagues had spoken to her about it and that she knew I was attracted to Isabel and that she felt the same way about me. I was very surprised by it but also excited that I might have a chance now with Izzy. My thoughts were racing about her and my heart was pounding thinking about asking her out, wondering if she was thinking the same as me. I had planned to ask her out the next week as I had a wedding photography job to go to over the weekend. While I was there, we were almost constantly messaging each other and I then find out that some other guy had asked her out to the cinema. I felt jealousy creep on me and I decided then to make my move and ask if she would like to go out with me instead. She said yes! I felt happy and excited that this amazing, beautiful, funny girl had agreed to going out on a date with me!


We planned on going to the cinema, a bit lame I know but it’s what we both wanted to do, we’ve had a couple of coffees together and such so we wanted to do something a little different. In all honesty, I wasn’t too fussed about the movie and I could tell she wasn’t either as I really just wanted to be next to her and hold her hand. Throughout 3 quarters of the film, my mind was just constantly saying to hold her hand but my anxiety was holding me back and didn’t make a move until finally I whispered in her ear asking if I could hold her hand and she happily said yes! I took her hand and didn’t let her go until I walked her home after the movie had finished. After that lovely night, we started seeing each other a lot more, going on dates until that fateful day when I said ‘I love you’ and I knew then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She took a bit longer to say it back which was completely fine of course but it made me very happy when she said it!

We have been together nearly 2 years now, we are living together, engaged to each other living our lives happily with our little kitten Aloy. I couldn’t ask for more from her, she makes me happier than I ever could have imagined and she makes me feel 1000 times better when I’m feeling down. I am so very lucky that I have her in my life now and I love that we have so much in common too, to video games to the food that we eat, to her being my model when I take photos!


So I think I have talked enough about how I met Isabel, but I enjoyed writing this and remembering how it all happened 2 years ago. I hope you enjoyed reading this as well, I’m sure I will write more about Izzy and I some time again in the future.

Stay awesome!

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