Good To Be Back

Hi there reader! It is good to be back after 2 months of not posting on here, apologies about that…

So you are probably wondering where I have been and/or what I’ve been doing so let me get straight in to it.

So last time I wrote I was more or else ready to move apartments, updating you guys on what I had been up to etc, so 2 months ago Isabel and I moved to a brand new fully furnished apartment just down the road from where we were currently living and had my closest friend and his awesome girlfriend move in with us and its been a blast so far! It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows though as I caught a horrible viral infection in my chest and throat on the day we were moving and I had to go to A&E to get myself sorted, I helped out as much as I could to get our stuff across but proved very difficult as I was struggling to move but thankfully enough, Isabel and Josh helped out big time with it all.

We also got another roommate called Ziggy who is Paris’s cat (Josh’s Girlfriend) who settled in quickly, and to all of our surprise, we found out Ziggy was pregnant a few days after moving in which was exciting. It wasn’t long until she went into labor but unfortunately the kitten didn’t make it. I wont go into detail about it as it was traumatic but long story short, it was a premature birth and the kitten was struggling to suckle on Ziggy. It wasn’t the best of nights but we all stuck together and got through it, especially Ziggy who is doing very well now.

Ziggy in all of her beautiful glory

If you read one of my earlier blogs, you would have seen that Isabel and I were adopting a kitten called Pixel but because of Ziggy being pregnant, we cancelled on adopting him as we thought we could adopt Ziggy’s kitten when it was born, but it wasn’t meant to be. I tried to see if Pixel was still available but he had already been taken which left us upset. Isabel decided to look online to see if anyone was giving a cat away, it took a while and she was determined to find one and after many attempts, we found one.

A little black kitten, 10 weeks old and not too far away from us, we got ready and hopped in a taxi to go get her. We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her, a playful little sprite of a cat, well looked after and happy. Isabel named her Aloy (A-loy) after the heroine of Horizon Zero Dawn which is one of her favourite video games. We thought it fit her very well, and she is getting on great here. Ziggy adopted her immediately which was a surprise for us but a great one! They have been playing and sleeping together which is wonderful to see and we couldn’t be happier. I love it when things work out.

Here she is, our little Aloy.
Playing around and exploring her new home
Ziggy and Aloy sleeping together in a hilarious way

So far, all is good in our lives, work is the same, enjoying it still being a barista although I cannot wait to head back to University in September to do my masters in Journalism, hoping my writing gets better by then, small steps. Glad it’s Summer now, missed the warm weather and chilling outside with my mates but Winter will come around again and we will all be rushing and panicking for Christmas. Speaking of which, this Christmas I wanted to get Isabel a Nintendo Switch as she loves the games on the system such as Animal Crossing, Pokemon and Zelda, although Animal Crossing isn’t out till next March in 2020, we were hoping it would release this year with a special edition Nintendo Switch but that didn’t happen. Sooooo I decided to go buy her one the other day, why wait? Isabel is currently playing with it now and she is loving it! I love that she is a gamer just like me. It’s a very early Christmas present for her and I do love treating her when I can.

Isabel with her new Nintendo Switch!

I still have a great passion for cooking and I’m trying to come up with new recipes here and there, we did all try to make our own sushi the other week and it worked amazingly well, check it out!

Homemade sushi for the 4 of us!

We made a lot of it and it was a lot of fun hanging out and making dinner together, we will definitely be doing this again soon!

I’ve had the week off work too, this is actually my last day off so I’m back to it tomorrow but I’m looking forward to going back. It’s been very chill, not been doing much but that’s what I wanted, resting, playing video games, hanging out etc, it was pretty blissful. Think I’ll see about booking another week off soon…

I think we are up to speed now, can’t think of anything else exciting that has happened over the last 2 months but its been enjoyable and we are happy and doing well. I hope to keep this up again with the blogging but I don’t want to overdo it so we will see how it goes.

Thanks for reading,

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