Update on my Life…

Sorry I haven’t posted in about a week, but it has been a busy time for me so let me update you all…

So first off, Hi! I hope you yourself are doing well right now, me? I’ve been under the weather over the weekend with a throat infection so I have been bed-bound for most of my time and taking it easy as you do, but I’m all better now, back at work and such and preparing to move next week! I am very excited for that to happen but I will miss this apartment, It will hold a lot of memories for Izzy and me but onto bigger and better things!

Last time I wrote to you all, I was leaving for York with the guys, it was a lot of fun, we all had a great catch up and a lot of laughs and drinks. It was something we wouldn’t forget, no matter how much we drank hah! We enjoyed it so much that we are going to do another swear jar beginning July to save up for another guys night out somewhere.

A picture of myself (far right in green jumper) and all my mates in York!

Not sure where we are going to go for the night out but I am sure it will be awesome.

After York, I got back to work and back to normality for a little bit, visited my mate for the evening and cooked up some homemade Dim Sum which was filled with spicy prawns and jack fruit which surprisingly tasted like pork ( I am pescatarian by the way) so I am going to having that a lot more in my cooking. It’s fun to explore new things.

Our homemade Dim Sum!

So in one of my other blogs I mentioned that I really like The Legend Of Zelda games and I have quite the wish list on my Amazon which is mostly all Zelda stuff, but out of the blue I received a beautiful new controller for my Nintendo Switch as an Easter Gift from my Parents, I love stuff like this, I feel like such a nerd but I don’t care, If I want to fanboy, I’m going to fanboy!

My gorgeous new Zelda controller for my Nintendo Switch!

Another part of my update is that it’s only 3 days away now till we meet Pixel in person for the first time and we are so excited about it, it is hard to contain! We cannot wait to bring the little guy home and give him all the love in the world, I will be sure to write about him when I see him very soon!

Last part of my update! I have been accepted onto my Masters degree course for Multimedia Journalism this September! I cannot wait for this to start and learn more about how to write and document more about the world. Honestly I am so happy and relieved that this is finally happening, I am going to give it my all when the course begins and come out with the biggest grin on my face.


So that’s what has happened over the last week, again apologies I have been absent but I will try to get back in to writing more now. Will write again soon!

Wild Link

A old picture of my beautiful Fiancee Isabel

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