Gone For The Weekend…

I will keep this blog short as it’s getting late for me and I’m in work in the morning quite early and have a busy day ahead so let me tell you about it!

So back in October last year, my friends and I came up with the idea on our Whatsapp group chat to start a swear jar and save up some money to go do something together, we agreed that every time someone said a swear in the chat they would owe £1 in the jar, we used Monzo for this as it made it easy for everyone to put money in to one account. We have kept this going till recently where we have saved up enough for a night out and a hotel for us all to stay in, we saved up roughly £1000 I think so yeah we said a lot of swears!

After a long debate on where to go and what to do, we ended up agreeing on going to York for the night and do some activities in the city, mostly drinking I think but I’m sure we will do something different which I’ll talk about on Sunday when I’m back!

We are all looking forward to hanging out, catching up and having some laughs and forgetting about our worries for a short while, it’s going to be fun!

I’ll write about my York trip for you all on Sunday which I look forward to. Hope you all enjoy your weekend as well! I’ll leave you with an image of mine I took a few years ago.

Wild Link

Steel Wool Spinning taken a few years ago


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