A Productive Day

It was my day off work today and I usually sit at home and rest as I am mostly on my feet at work and it can be quite exhausting, but today I decided to be productive, Izzy and I are moving in a few weeks and there is a lot to do so I thought I should adult and get stuff done.

First things first was to get my prescription of Sertraline as I suffer from Anxiety and I had ran out. We also had to get Izzy’s engagement ring resized as it was irritating her skin and had to take it off her finger, it had to be cleaned of course which we got done but she couldn’t get the ring back on which made me laugh so we took a trip to the jewelers where I bought the ring and they have sent it off for resizing, it will be a few weeks before we get it back though which gives Izzy’s finger time to heal.

Isabel’s engagement ring

Isabel had birthday money to cash in the bank too which we got done. We then headed back to the apartment where we rested for a short while, Izzy ate an almond croissant while I called up the electric and water company we were with to tell them we were moving address which was easier than I expected.

As soon as that was done, we grabbed some shopping bags and went to Tesco nearby to get some food as we were running low on supplies. We wanted to cook something new for dinner and decided on Jungle curry which is a Thai dish and can be quite spicy but very tasty, I had it last week at a Thai restaurant and really wanted it again.

Isabel looked up the ingredients and found everything we needed, I had prawns in my Jungle curry last week but we went for tofu instead which is just as good, we got some extras too of course for other meals as well as essentials too.

We even saw rice shaped pasta which I had never seen before!

I will have to try this sometime.

We had fun roaming around each aisle till we decided we had everything we needed. We headed home, unpacked the food and then decided to continue being productive so we wanted to donate some of our clothes that we didn’t wear anymore, basically make it easier for us to move things across to the new apartment in a few weeks, will also give us more space too. I don’t know about you but I love being organised in my home, I’m not perfect of course but it’s nice to be tidy and clean.

It took a few hours but once we had everything ready and bagged up, we walked down to the closest Cancer Research shop and donated our clothes. We got back home, played some Borderlands 2 (videogame on PC) and then cooked. Isabel took the lead and wanted to cook this time. It looked great and tasted awesome, not exactly how it was in a Thai restaurant but it was still really good and would have it again, it was purely Vegan too!

Isabel’s Jungle Curry

So that was it! It’s been a busy day but it felt great to be productive and glad I got some stuff out of the way ready for the weekend. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and hope to see you in the next one!

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