Photography & Me

This is my second post and I have only started today too, I have been thinking about what to write since this morning, what would intrigue you, the reader to continue moving your eyes across each sentence I have written. So as you may have already seen in the title, this blog will be about my passion for photography so here goes…

I love photography, plain and simple, it makes me feel creative and I feel like I can express myself much better through the images I take. I love capturing that perfect moment that is gone in the blink of an eye such as a first kiss at a wedding or a cat posing in a unique way such as this…

Olaf from Tabby Teas Cat Cafe in Sheffield

or something like this…

My cousin Alexa and Michael’s wedding last August

So what kind of gear am I using you ask? I use a Nikon D750 with various lenses, my favourite being the 85mm 1.8 which I got for my 25th birthday from my father, best lens I own for sure, the quality is outstanding for portraiture…

A close friend of mine Jessica cosplaying as Tracer from Overwatch

I love to try out different kinds of photography such as light paintings and landscapes, as well as many other types which I’m sure you will see as I post more blogs in the future.

I have currently hit a dry spell right now though, maybe it’s the weather but I don’t feel like taking many photos right now but I’m confident it will change soon, I’m thinking that writing might help me reignite the spark of love for photography again so fingers are crossed.

I studied photography at Sheffield Hallam University back in 2011 and graduated in 2014, I learnt a lot but mostly taught myself as I didn’t feel like I was learning much from the classes and lectures but appreciated them nonetheless, it was fun and made some great memories. I managed to complete the 365 challenge where you have to take a different photo every day for a year in 2012, it was tough but I learnt a lot of different techniques and increased my skill set a lot through doing it. Here is one of my photos from the project!

Tunnel panorama taken in Sheffield during my project 365 in 2012

Its getting late now for me and I think I have rambled on long enough, I honestly hope you have enjoyed reading this short blog and liked the photos too, still learning how to write about my life but I know I’ll get better in time.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next blog!

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